2003-04-25 Walnut Creek - Raleigh, NC
By: Lincoln C.

me was oozing from my pores. I felt so blessed to be sitting there with fellow sober freaks, to be at a show, to be dancing with sober sweat kissing the ground as I'm smiling a smile the size of Alaska and thanking a God for the Gift of acceptance and life. Damn I am lucky!! DAMN WE ARE LUCKY!

They opened up the second set with drums, which was strange and in my opinion left the second set a little off balance. Not that the second set wasn't a treat, the drums placement just threw me off..change and me..we go back and forth all the time. Of course, I'll take the drums 2nd set opener if they will follow it with a Disco every time. The Radio Child>Jam>Tall Boy was rockin and left my muscles and bones screaming for me to stop dancing. Although my muscles got a brief rest during Tortured Artist, they would not get another rest for the remainder of the show. North>BWM>Jam>Fishwater and then Cilly H20 to close out the 2nd set and then City of Beans for the encores. I should also mention that Jojo and Schools were sporting "Fuck Jerry Joseph" shirts during the 2nd set. I don't know if someone was selling them in the lot or not, but they were defiantly made as a response to JJ comments on the war in Iraq. Apparently, JoJo and Schools couldn't help themselves by bringing some humor to the whole thing.

It was a wonderful night for an evening. The only low points for me was the Chilly, which seem to be lacking the punch, but besides that it was a very solid show.

I will let someone else have the honors of reviewing Saturday's show as I spent most of Saturday evening dancing and enjoying the show from the table.