2003-04-15 Orpheum - Boston, MA
By: Flarcus

center where i got sober and told my story to the group there, very very grateful and happy to be there and still sober 5 + years later...staff happy too, tough job they have, not much success

had a killer italian meal in the north end, then to the show, acoustic sound check...hmmmm

yup, fiirst set all acoustic...this was a night where i knew that all the travelling paid off, what a treat they had in store for us. opened with wondering ripped it up into fishing a sweet new song, then ophelia (i had an old frriend there who turned me on to the Band and the Dead, it was his first panic show and they converted him on the spot) cynic, a personal favorite followed, then a soulful nobody's loss into a long trippy pickin up the pieces...trouble followed, they had sound checked it and there was a buy whou could barely walk standing by the table, and i called it out and sung a little on the first tuning note,he was no way, and he face lit up and he did a nice 3 legged (cane) dance with me when they broke it out... cbrown, and cant find my way home (the first since mikeys last show)closed out a tasty acpustic treat...jb at one point said this sittin down thing is all right...and schools (standing on the upright bass) said shucks.

great meeting, crowd much cooler and quieter, a better vibe all around (or maybe it was just me) (its always me dammit)...3 relative newcomers joined brett m, brad r and mice elf, and we had a gratitude meeting

any thought that the boys might rest on the laurels was dispelled as the second set started with diner into henry parsons...heat and more heat then tortured artist, one of my faves from ball (buy it), old neighborhood and bears gone fishin (not my #1 wsp tune by far, but a huge tasty jam closed it out into a full drums...then worry, with george continuing to impress, he was great, then the eerie new song dont want to lose you (from ball, run right out now and get 2 copies, panic bomb a friend) in....(cont. next page)