2003-04-15 Orpheum - Boston, MA
By: Flarcus

to long jam which buitl and built into love tractor to close the set...whew

ok encores, prolly a slow one then a standard, right? wrong!!! a huge rippin anthemic surprise valley roared out washing us up to and off the roof....then a slow closer, for sure, to say good night, but no, without a pause they segued into no sugar/new mother nature, songs i have been chasing so long i forgot i was chasing them...i got the rare but wonderful sober head rush to end my night

a few simple observations...first my spiritual condition has everthing to do with the joy i receive, second, the table service opportunity is a great blessing, i am very glad to be part of us, and third...go see widespread the new album....sign up for service, and dance dance dance

thanks again, i look forward to seeing many of you at savannah and tallahassee