2002-07-18 The Backyard - Austin, TX
By: Flarcus

in get out tasty, the katie and action man were nice finishers, encores old joe, sweet, blue indian started nicely and caught fire, and the thousage banged us home (it made for a thousage sandwich, since it was the soundcheck thursday as i was walking in)

all 3 warmup acts were good, never saw robert randolph...i would again, north miss allstars were good, too. ddbb was their usual selves

the table scene was (shay) made us right at home gave me all 3 nights passes up front so no hassles...eddie was a great teammate on the run...good meetings, great closing prayer vibes (usually mone of the highlights of a show meeting) we got a great location, we could se the whole stage by standing up and taking a couple steps to our left...also right by rockmed, saw the wasted girl carried in complete with shat in pants...eddie saved a guy from puking all over himself by directing him to the nearest trash can...then there was the guy who stopped by to tell me he was just as sober as I as he hadn't had any drugs since smoking a fatty in
the parking lot at 2 that afternoon, another guy who asked me if i hated just him or all druggies (told him what he did was none of my business and that I hated noone), and the guy who offered to help me with "converts"..told him we weren't looking to convert anyone, to which he said everyone around him was drunk (he seemed to be, too, but what do i know), and i replied, let em drink all they want, when they're sick and tired of being sick and tired, they know where to find us.

a few people who were in recovery only knew of us cause they saw us there...met another taper staying clean on his own ("you don't understand how bad it got...i had to quit"...told him good luck and gave him our flyer and my card if he needed to talk).

randall came and talked to me early before thurs and sat, talked with him a good 10 minutes before it dawned on me which randall i was talking to...a bona fide nice gu....(cont. next page)