2002-06-28 Red Rocks - Morrison, CO
By: Joe

as having. the parson was so powerful i was sure they were ending the set with it, even though it was only the second song outta drums. then they kicked into the CTS, steve through me the high five and they took to agian to that next level. ophelia, flewzy was a great way to end things and it seemed like the whole crowd was joinng dave with 'on a saturday night'

unfortuanetely on sunday things never really got going. for some reason it just did not seem to click. some great songs but just.... even the chilly did not seem to get to the next level. the end of show was pretty sweet and the hight point for me was definately the LGTSOTR. JB was hitting it and i was getting chills up & down my spine.

all in all it exceeded my expectations the panic still has it, and it is going to be a great tour. i may just have to get to the greek to confirm this, though.

have a great day