2002-06-21 Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN
By: Jimmy

he said, "I can't believe that something of that nature is organized. It must be such a huge help for you and something really special." Talk about a dose of gratitude. Later I checked back by and met Clay briefly and went to go check the end of the cheese and hopefully get positioned a little better than the previous night. The boys came out and that darn grin kept spreading over my face. Chilly Water!!! WOOHOO! It was loud and packed but still had enough room to get down. JB looked intense that night. SO much emotion locked up in his face that just poured out through his voice. Amazing! So One Arm began and I have never been shaken from Schools bass like that. Honestly, from where I was I could feel not only my chest vibrating, but the ground below. It was spectacular. Dottie Peoples and her choir came out and I was especially giddy. The last time I saw them it was so amazing as it was the second time around. Schools was motioning to her with a big smile on both of their faces. Went to the meeting and it was really special. Lots of humor in that group. Nice to see you again Gretchen. I looked for you guys during the second set and couldn't find you. Next time I will just go with you. Second set Disco opener and it was time to get down. Glad made me real happy. I really enjoy the keys. I couldn't stop moving the entire set except to take a photo of a group that was in front of me. I think I can count the number of times that I danced during drums on both hands, and every one of those times has been when I was clean and sober. To me, that is an amazing correlation. I expected Visiting Day and always enjoy City of Dreams, but this COD had nothing on Savannah. All in all, it was a great weekend. I was really grateful to have found the table. It gave me such a glowing feeling being around the other like-minded individuals. Everyone seemed to have big grins on their faces and just having a great time.

One day at a time,