2002-04-26 Oak Mountain - Pelham, AL
By: Jason

d speculation, but I let it get to me as I signed the banner, "You have no idea how imortant you are to so many people. Love, Jason from Chicago." I really didn't have the words, but the emotion was there.

Genesis in the first set was beautiful. That's one of my faves and they played with as much soul as only Panic can. The Holden and Conrad to end the first set got me psyched up for the setbreak meeting. There were close to twenty of us there and again it was good to see all the people into recovery at a Panic show. Chilly>Visiting Day>Chilly was a perfect way to start the second set. I had been voicing some desire to hear either Papa's or Stop-Go. I went bananas when they started into Papa's as the rain started to fall. I guess Hatfield is supposed to be the rain song, but something felt very appropriate about Papa's in the rain too. Trouble was heart-wrenching as was a lot of the weekend for me and the Postcard sent me out smiling.

Okay, I guess this ended up being a pretty detailed review. I'm still pumped up about the whole experience and am still in awe about how much fun I can have in recovery. Perhaps the single best aspect of the weekend was being around other soberfans while Panic was actually playing. I mean we were a legitimate crew of people. It was kind of like the feeling I used to get when going to shows with some of my old friends without all the extra baggage. We're not trying to be cooler than anyone else or know more about Panic than anyone else. We're not trying to get higher than the person next to us or be paranoid about the guy not dancing behind us. We are there to support each other's sobriety and enjoy Panic. From my vantage point in Chicago I can declare mission accomplished. I love you guys and can't wait to see you again.

In the moment,